Just recently, I was able to wrap up work early and head down to my local rep theater to check out A Touch of Evil on the big screen, crackling from grainy, old film. It was my first taste of Orson Welles in a theater, one that was filled with the wonder of that jaw-dropping opening shot (which you can check out after the jump), as well as the continual amusement that Charlton Heston was supposed to be Mexican.

Throughout the entire movie, my brain was trying to rationalize a different story that would fit in the framework of the story and not seem so ludicrous. Maybe he was born to white parents in Mexico? Maybe he moved there at a young age? Nah. To think it is all because Welles changed the script. Still, while the attempts to change his race might have failed, this Heston film is so very worth the time and effort.

Rest in peace, Charlton -- I hope you're having a dandy, gun-laden afterlife.

*Last Rewind Answer: Believe it or not, it was Mick Jagger who was once considered for the role of Fletch.