Errol Morris has certainly been busy lately, between starting up blogs at The New York Times, reuniting with Werner Herzog, and chillin' at Apple stores in LA, San Francisco, and New York. Now he's getting funny. The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's got a non-documentary feature on the way that is "based on a true story that will contain comedic elements." The film will be called The End of Everything, and he's going to write the "exotic plot" which is "said to entail a range of subjects including a wingless bird, author Margaret Mitchell, a volcano, and Laura Bush."

Gah. He's got me hook, line, and sinker, tapping into my inner Tom Robbins fandom. After the 2003 war film The Fog of War, Morris wanted to lighten up and is quoted as saying: "I'm a funny guy, and I'd like to make something funny now. I can't see myself making one political film after another. I'm glad I made these two movies, but I'd like to do something different."
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