Looking over this week's new releases, I couldn't help but feel bad for the prom. Ever noticed how something horrible always happens at the prom when it's featured in a movie? Either someone gets killed, someone gets humiliated, someone gets way too drunk -- where's the film about a bunch of kids who simply had a swell time at their prom? My prom never ended in disaster ... and yet we love to imagine a world where only the worst thing imaginable takes place at prom. Poor kids. (The latest prom-related horror flick, Prom Night, hits theaters this Friday.)

This got me thinking: What other fun real-life events are there to turn into horrific tragedies? Perhaps some studio will take a chance on ... Fourth Grade Play! Oh yes, it was supposed to be a simple performance of Romeo & Juliet until Shakes showed up with his deadly spear. Then there's ... Ira's Bar Mitzvah! Go ahead Ira -- spin the dreidel ... of fear! Or how about Sweet Sixteen! If you thought Amanda turned into a monster when things didn't go her way ... you have no idea what happens when the DJ forgets to play The Electric Slide!

Okay, here's your chance aspiring screenwriters: Who's got a fantastic horror script called My Bloody Baptism that they're just dying to get out there? What other so-called "special childhood events" should Hollywood tackle (in a horrific way, of course) on the big screen?
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