The guys over at Twitch know a heck of a lot more about crazy Asian cinema than I do -- so when they posted a rather enthusiastic piece about an upcoming flick called Tokyo Gore Police, I was sufficiently intrigued. And then I watched the 5-minute promo clip, which is all sorts of maniacally insane. Now I officially cannot wait to throw my eyeballs at the flick, which comes from the guys who gave you Uzumaki, Meatball Machine, and many other memorably bizarre imports.

I'd be happy to embed the trailer right here, if only for simple convenience, but since the Tokyo Gore Police clip is all but awash in hardcore gore, violence and random nakedness, I'll just point you towards Twitch for the gooey goods. (This sort of stuff is their specialty, after all.) No word on a U.S. distributor just yet (for all I know the flick's still being finished), but I'm betting I'll come across the Tokyo Gore Police at a genre-flavored festival some time soon. (And again, fair warning: Don't check this clip if you have an aversion towards hilariously over-the-top gore geysers.)
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