At some point imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery, and it looks like it's already happened with the whole notion of tabloid names re-creating famous retro shot(s). (If, of course, you appreciate the first round to begin with.) We had Lindsay Lohan channeling Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine. Now Jessica Simpson is taking her shot by mimicking Virna Lisi in 1965 for May's Esquire cover.

The NY Daily News quotes George Lois discussing the old and legendary shoot: "I spoofed the upcoming woman's movement by slapping shaving cream on the beautiful blonde Italian actress Virna Lisi [because] no American beauty had the [bleeps] to pose for it." Yeah ... Something tells me that there's no spoofing or social commentary here. About the only thing that sounds similar is the idea that no one else would do it, but I don't think Simpson reaches the word of Lisi. Oh Simpson, I have to at least give you props for continuing to try and make it.

On a side note: Am I the only one who missed the wonderfully artistic and free of busy text covers of yesterday?

[via Defamer]
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