These days, thoughts of Josh Brolin bring to mind his performances in films like No Country for Old Men, or Planet Terror. Old-school Brolin fans, of course, praise all things Goonies, and his role as Brand Walsh. (Could this possibly be the precursor to Brandon Walsh?) But what about Thrashin'?

It came out a year after Goonies, and was Brolin's second film. The film focused on two ultra-cool skateboarding gangs who "battle each other for supremacy," while one particular dude falls in love with his rival's sister. Man -- this must be what inspired Under the Boardwalk and Gleaming the Cube! But while one has Richard Joseph Paul and the other has Christian Slater, this puppy's got Brolin in all his skating wonder. Check out the intro, and enjoy! Josh, you've come a long way. Next up: George W. Bush.

And if that's not enough temptation to find it at your local video store, how about the fact that it's got Sherilyn Fenn at the age of 21?

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