Geeks are a passionate lot. It's what defines us, really. Actually, I don't think we're any more obsessive about things than anyone else. Lots of people are obsessed with football or NASCAR, and they're not snubbed nearly as much as those of us who follow film, Batman comics or sci-fi shows. But you know, geek passion has a darker side. I guess all obsession does (I've yelled plenty at a hockey game) but there's just something about the way we nerds can get. I'm reminded of this any time Zack Snyder releases something about Watchmen.

Now, I dug Watchmen. The sucker punch of an ending, the horror of the Black Freighter, the loneliness of Doc Manhattan – there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said by the likes of TIME Magazine. Of course, I view a movie adaptation with a bit of trepidation, but after Lord of the Rings, I don't think anything is truly unfilmable.

But the fandom is wearing me out. I have many friends who love the graphic novel, and I practically dread any news release because it causes such a flurry of panic and disgust among them. The character stills, which I found promising and exciting, were met with not only skepticism, but weeks of pondering. Why were the stills photoshopped? Why were the actors so young? Why were they posed in action shots? On and on it went, my own casual theories – maybe they were just having fun, maybe these are from the heyday of the heroes – dismissed. No, couldn't be! It was simply that Snyder had messed up, end of story, and the movie was doomed.

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