Many know Jack London for The Call of the Wild, but there is another, The Sea Wolf, which has captured cinematic attention again and again. Since it was written in 1904, it has had a ton of big-screen and television adaptations. Ten are listed at IMDb. Now we're getting another, with a sweet cast that is sure to do wonders with the story.

Variety reports that Tim Roth and Neve Campbell have signed on to the miniseries, and this teams them up with star Sebastian Koch -- who played Georg Dreyman in The Lives of Others. While it might not boast a crew like that of John Adams, I can definitely see these actors nailing their parts. A lad named Humphrey (was he perhaps aged into Roth?) is on a San Francisco ferry when it collides with a ship and sinks. He is picked up by Wolf Larsen (I'd presume Koch), the brutal captain of a ship called Ghost, and they later pick up Maud Brewster, a famous poet (Neve?) that Humphrey falls for. From there, it's not just happy sailing on the seas, or honorable releases from Penzance.

The script comes from Nigel Williams, and the production has a long shoot set, beginning now in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and to be completed by the end of the year.
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