Last week I saw the straightforwardly titled Zombie Strippers (which Scott told us about a few weeks back) and it has taken me this long to recover. Not because I was overly scared ... or stimulated. But I did really enjoy the thing, and I'm not exactly a fan of either horror or porn. So, how could I be entertained by a movie that features adult film star Jenna Jameson as a flesh-eating pole dancer? Well, I was pretty intoxicated. Unlike most press screenings, the one for Zombie Strippers began with a cocktail hour. And since I wasn't expecting to think much of the feature presentation, I properly indulged myself.

And what do you know? On alcohol, Zombie Strippers is a blast. It's a hilarious good time with as much gore and nudity as you'd expect and desire. But should I feel guilty that I unprofessionally got smashed beforehand? Of course not. I still consciously took notes (my full review is forthcoming), and I didn't get inappropriate and run up to the screen attempting to touch the dancers. And in this day and age, when more and more cinemas are serving alcohol, there's no reason why we can't have movies that require a certain state of mind.

Zombie Strippers opens in major cities April 18. While you wait for it, check out the gallery below and watch a clip from the film (via Bloody-Disgusting) after the jump.

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