Ah, Dim Sum -- the Chinese smorgasbord of tasty dishes where tray upon tray of steamer baskets filled with food swims around you until you're stuffed and satiated. Unfortunately, I don't get to order to my heart's content (translation) weekly, since my friend's Dim Sum group is too lazy to coordinate my appearance outside of Facebook. (It's a cult, cult I tell you!) Nevertheless, we're all going to get a taste of the Chinese treat through a new Canadian film that has just gone into production in Vancouver.

Variety reports that Anna Chi is directing a new film called Dim Sum Funeral, and both Bai Ling (Southland Tales) and Talia Shire (I Heart Huckabees) have been added to a cast that already includes Russell Wong (The Mummy 3), Kelly Hu (The Air I Breathe), Steph Song (jPod), Lisa Lu (The Joy Luck Club), Julia Nickson (Half-Life), Francoise Yip (AVPR), and Chang Tseng (Everything's Gone Green). According to Imagination-LLC, the feature centers on four estranged siblings who are called together by their childhood nanny (Shire) when their mother (Lu) passes away.
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