Zooey Deschanel is a film nerd goddess. I get the sense -- I could be wrong about this -- that people who aren't at least moderately intense cinephiles aren't, by and large, aware of her existence. Everyone who has learned to recognize her, on the other hand, seems to adore her absolutely. And lately, even the hipster music scene has been getting a taste: "She & Him," Deschanel's lovely indie-pop collaboration with guitarist M. Ward, has been winning over fans like crazy. I am totally on board with the mini-phenomenon. She is not only adorable (I love that photo), she's cool, and endlessly charming.

Zooey may have more name recognition after her starring role in M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, depending on how that one goes over this summer. In the meantime, she is teaming up with another indie it-girl -- Chloë Sevigny -- for Divorce Ranch, a seemingly low-profile period comedy about a woman (Sevigny) who comes to Nevada after World War II for a quickie divorce that will let her marry a wealthy man. Deschanel will play her assistant, and TV, film and theater vet Michael Lindsay-Hogg will direct. I'm a big fan of Sevigny -- another actress with little name recognition outside of film geekery -- as well. This project sounds like an indie kid's wet dream.
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