As the smoke cools on the Fanboys drama, the boys behind it are managing to find work elsewhere. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Ernie Cline, co-writer of the never-to-be-seen film, has just sold his comedy spec Thundercade to Lakeshore Entertainment. (And yes, that's Cline to the right. I think writers should get pictures too.)

Thundercade is the story of a video game junkie facing a midlife crisis who learns that a young punk had broken a record he set as a teen. He and his two best friends embark on a journey to reclaim his place in video game history and win the world's ultimate gaming championship, Thundercade.

Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? A bit like a journey of some geeks to Skywalker Ranch. But it also sounds a little like an adult version of The Wizard, which I have fond memories of. Anyway, at least Lakeshore will not actually cut out the midlife crisis bit because it strikes them as a bit sad.
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