For the most part, buzz about Sex and the City has come from crazy rumors, leaked pictures, and some really cryptic chatter from Sarah Jessica Parker about just what happens with her character and Mr. Big. Now Kim Cattrall, also known as the sexy sexpert Samantha, is getting into it with her own revelations about just what happens when the four friends hit the big screen. According to what's up on MSNBC, I'm starting to wonder just how much this film is going to resemble its television start, and whether it will bring each character to new levels, or just stray too far from what the HBO series laid out.

Head after the jump to hear what she has to say. Of course, "secrets" means "spoilers," so proceed with caution. To be fair, there aren't specific plot details in what she says, but rather some twists in store for her character and the world of Sex and the City.
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