It might sound like some new take on Perfume, or the sensual world of smells, or maybe the world of Adam and Eve, but instead, The Scent of Adam is taking on ecoterrorism. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Lakeshore Entertainment is working with TF1 International to co-produce the upcoming thriller, which is based on Jean-Christophe Rufin's French bestseller (which will hit North American shores soon).

The story focuses on "a woman who unwittingly finds herself at the heart of the ecoterrorism movement and conspiracy after freeing lab animals at a research facility in Poland." The twist is that instead of just dreaming all of it up in his head, Rufin has some across-the-world experience -- he was the French ambassador to Senegal, he worked for the French Ministry of Defense, led humanitarian efforts in Bosnia, worked with the Red Cross, and is the co-founder of Doctors Without Borders. Basically, he sounds like a flipping Renaissance Man.*

Producer Patrick Binet says: "We envision an action-packed feature shot in multiple global locations, similar to the Bourne features, and are delighted to have Lakeshore as our producing partner in this project." They are currently looking for a writer to adapt the work.

*Corrected thanks to Cincinnati Mike.
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