I really dug Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then recoiled in horror at his work in Pirates. Okay, not horror, but I was completely disappointed and wished the entire time that Will Turner would get killed and Sparrow would get Swann. When you're rooting for the womanizer, even when he's played by Johnny Depp, you know something is off. So, I wasn't really into the idea of him as the Prince of Persia, and was relieved to hear that he was out of the picture. Who's the next big name to make waves?

Latino Review says that Jake Gyllenhaal has been offered the lead role in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Now, if the site is to be believed, this will be the best film of all time. Well, the most visually appealing, that is. Okay, just something immensely appealing to my movie-fan heart. It's not just the Jake -- they say that lots of parkour is involved as well. (If David Belle got involved too...)

But seriously -- parkour is beautiful, and immensely great to watch on film -- unless it's being done by a bad guy who out-cools James Bond. And Gyllenhaal, he's got the acting chops and the body, and he'd also be a solid choice to make the film desirable to a larger audience. However, LR does note that Jake's messed up his ankle playing basketball, so he'd have to mend up first before taking on the role that starts this summer in Morocco. (Mend, please mend!)

I've said my piece, but what do you think?

UPDATE: Cinematical has talked with a Disney rep who would not deny nor confirm this rumor. Their "you'll see soon enough" stance leads us to believe there might be some truth here. Oh, and expect both leads to be announced at the same time.
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