We haven't had much luck with female comic book heroes, perhaps because the only ones that have made it to the screen have been halfhearted spin-offs from male-led franchises. Audiences quite justifiably said "no, thank you" to Elektra and Catwoman. Rogue wants to change that by adaptingHack/Slash, a female-led comic book that's actually distinctive, with a protagonist who is no one's sidekick, thank you very much. Justin Marks, who is also writing the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li for Fox, will take a pass at the screenplay, and music video and commercial director Todd Lincoln will make the film his feature debut.

Hack/Slash tells the story of Cassie Hack, a cute goth girl who survives an attack by a brutal slasher villain named the Lunch Lady, recruits an enormous sidekick named Vlad, and travels the country taking out slashers and serial killers wherever she finds them. As you might expect, the comic book has horror and comedy elements, and the movie is expected to have the same. If nothing else, this sounds like it might please the legions of Buffy fans who have been waiting for someone to take the Vampire Slayer's place. And horror geeks might be pleased to have something that toys with their genre's conventions, though I would as soon not witness the return of Kevin Williamson.

If you're familiar with the source material, please weigh in below.
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