I kinda liked the straightforward and no-nonsense approach to Nimrod Antal's thriller Vacancy (and it does hold up to repeat viewings), so consider me sufficiently intrigued regarding the news of another a follow-up. But recent word indicates that the next Vacancy will be A) direct-to-video (of course), and B) a prequel instead of a sequel. Although they're sticking with screenwriter Mark L. Smith, the new director will be Eric Bross, a named recognizable to only the most serious fans of rotten cinema. (Bross directed that Joey Fatone movie a few years back.)

According to Shock, the prequel will involve "a couple, Jessica and Caleb, and their pal Tanner who check into the Meadow View Inn where the employees are making snuff films." OK, that's a workable concept, but if you've seen the first movie, you kinda know what happened to those kids. (Sounds a lot like the main problem in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.) Our source also gives us a bunch of new cast members, namely Agnes Bruckner, Lola Davidson, Angel Oquendo, David Moscow, Nelson Lee, Brian Klugman and Gwendoline Yeo.

No word yet on if we'll get to see (slightly) younger versions of Ethan Embry and Frank Whaley.
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