Here's a whole bunch of comedy-laden manly news for you, courtesy of Variety:
  • Recognize the dude to the right? Yes, that's the late Chris Farley's younger brother. Kevin Farley had bit parts in his brother's movies, and since then, has found work in gigs that include The Waterboy, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, and Blonde and Blonder. Now he's getting Christmasy -- he's landed a lead role in David Zucker's upcoming satire An American Carol, playing a character named Michael Malone.
  • And Kevin isn't the only brother with casting news today. Nate Corddry, brother, of course, of Rob, has nabbed not one, but two roles that have him looking for the truth. He's got a gig in Ricky Gervais' This Side of Truth, plus a part in The Ugly Truth -- that whole Katherine Heigl v. a chauvinist Gerard Butler flick. His acting work includes the voice of Seides in Arthur and the Invisibles Minimoys, plus his gig as Tom Jeter in Studio 60 and Calvin in The Nanny Diaries.
  • Last up is the old-school Keith Carradine. He's going to go a little Heston/Nugent and play a big NRA supporter and reverend in the upcoming film Driving Lessons -- the film about the woman whose memory loss gives everyone a new outlook on life. Throwing a gun-toting religious man into the mix should make things interesting, and I imagine he'll be connected to Max Thieriot's "religious, right-wing teenage son."
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