Do you remember that whole post I wrote about the rumors over Sharon Morrill's departure from Disney? The one that had Disney CCO John Lasseter saying that sequels "erode" the brand? I guess that was tongue in cheek. Cinema Blend has thrown up some pictures for the upcoming Tinker Bell movie, which will be one of at least four direct-to-DVD movies. Gee, there's no erosion at all! Maybe he means that sequels after #5 are? The first film is hitting shelves on October 28, with the following stories to hit later -- Tinker Bell: North of Neverland, Tinker Bell: A Midsummer Storm, and Tinker Bell: A Winter Story.

They've definitely kept the same basic look -- skimpy green dress, blond bun, full hips, and cotton-puff shoes, but they've also made Tink and her friends look a bit more mature than the early days of Tinker Bell. However, I'm impressed that the other girls cover a variety of races, and are getting a bit more clothing coverage (especially in the other picture over at CB). No matter what adults might think, I'm sure young girls will go nuts for this.
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