For those who haven't caught an advance screening of Forgetting Sarah Marshall yet, let me tell you that it's pretty damn funny. Of all the different, maniacal characters, though, it's British comedian Russell Brand who absolutely steals the show as Sarah Marshall's new, self-obsessed rocker boyfriend, Aldous Snow. Throughout the film, Snow performs a few different songs, but it's his music video for We've Got To Do Something that brought the house down at the SXSW screening back in March.

EW has posted the music video (and unfortunately, we cannot embed it here), but you should definitely run over there and check it out. In it, Snow prances around on a busy street and inside a terminal with signs that read, "Sodomize Intolerance" and "False Untruths Kill." Hilarious stuff -- I know all of us here at Cinematical are looking forward to seeing more of Brand on our shores in the near future.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
hits theaters on April 18.