Apple, which is usually pretty selective about what it features on its trailer page, has posted this very puzzling spot for a movie called Who's Your Monkey? (The working title was apparently Throwing Stars.) I wanted to share it simply because I'm so confused. Is the weirdly monotonous trailer supposed to be funny? I gather the movie is about a group of buddies who kill a guy and have to dump the body, and I also see that at some point a monkey shows up, but I do not understand why. What is this movie? How did its distributor convince Apple to post this trailer? Wayne Knight is apparently involved. I think I may have a new obsession.

I see that the distributor is Screen Media Films. A visit to their website reveals that Who's Your Monkey? opened on March 28th in three multiplexes in Jacksonville, Madison, and Burlington, Vermont. You may or may not be surprised to learn that it is no longer playing at any of those theaters. But if you live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then you are in luck, because Who's Your Monkey? opened at the Fresh Pond 10 on April 4th, and is still showing! I tried to find reviews, but could only locate this cryptic one from Agent DVD (the disc apparently hits in early May). Has anyone seen this movie? And will some intrepid Cambridge-based reader make the ultimate sacrifice in order to tell the world about Who's Your Monkey? I will do a follow-up post if people get back to me. And I feel an eventual DVD review coming on... This is the most fascinating thing I've found in weeks.