Recent teen eye-brow raisers in film include Juno, who somehow got inseminated by Paulie Bleeker, and Dawn from Teeth, who had one raging and vicious set of vagina dentata. But where could Hollywood go from here? Pies have already been mixed with sex, and booze and dancing have already led to bloody thighs.

Variety reports that Overture Films has bought a spec called Freshly Popped. Yes, it means what it implies. Penned by new screenwriter Megan Parsons, the film will focus on "a teenage girl who works at a movie theater and is trying to decide to whom she wants to lose her virginity." Seeing that they specifically mention her job, I presume that she'll not be looking for eligible young bachelors at school, but rather amongst the sea of moviegoers at her theater.

This takes the whole "imagine the audience naked" idea to new levels. All I can see is this young girl holding her broom in hand, waiting for the theater to clear out so she can clean it. As they walk by, she makes mental notes on their eligibility. This could be a lot of fun -- if it's done smartly. Say what you will about the quirk to Diablo Cody's writing -- she did a great job making a fun and smart young woman for the screen, and that is, sadly, rare.
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