Not being a senior myself, I never really noticed the void in older programming until I talked with a coordinator for a film festival that focused on aging and an audience often forgotten in the world of film. After that, I noticed it everywhere. I like to think that in some respects, we're getting better. I was overjoyed when Helen Mirren was recently described by many as sexy and beautiful without it being qualified with any sort of "for an older woman," addendum. Within films, progress is slow, but steady.

In the wake of projects like Venus and The Bucket List, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Harper Collins' Sharp Independent has grabbed the rights to an upcoming dramedy by Michael Zadoorian called The Leisure Seekers. The upcoming novel focuses on "an elderly couple who, to the chagrin of their children, head off on an impromptu RV trip down Route 66, determined to enter their twilight years on their own terms."

I imagine it will be a while before we see more on this feature. The book itself isn't even going to get released until a year from now, and they've got to get writing and sculpting the story for big-screen treatment. That being said, it could make for a fun and quirky trip, although not nearly as quirky as The Straight Story.
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