In the large selection of cinematic romance and soul mates, we're going to get some young divorce. If you've had a chance to read the LA Weekly story "How to Get Divorced by 30," it should come as no surprise that Variety is reporting that the article has been picked up by Universal Pictures. It's a tale of crappy romantic decisions, weddings, and divorces, and the studio is eager to make it a romcom.

However, it sounds like they're changing the premise a little. The article is a wry look at one woman's relationship and marriage -- how the union was never right, and instead of separating and finding something more suitable, the pair got married -- only to divorce before her 30th birthday. (You can read the article in the link above.) But Variety says: "The U comedy will focus on a heroine who road-tests the 'starter-marriage' premise and then finds her perceptions redrawn by reality and relationships." In other words, she finds out divorce isn't for her?
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