I had a plan to be speedy this morning -- get my work done and then catch up on other things I need to do. Just as I settle into my chair and plan to begin writing, my friend sends me an IM: "BN.com has a big DVD sale on." Well, so much for a productive morning. Within moments, I realized that this wouldn't be a quick 2-minute search. They've got thousands of titles marked 40% off or more. I've spent the last half hour scouring the site and the selection is pretty darned impressive.

You can score newer films like the largely ignored but completely worth it Imagine Me & You for less than $7. You can get rare, old '80s movies for less than $5 -- h
eck, even Thrashin' is on there, that cheesy Josh Brolin flick, for super-cheap. You can get foreign flicks like Eat Drink Man Woman for under $7, which is a big pisser for me since I just bought it used for $15. New and old dramas, musicals, and you can even get From Justin to Kelly for less than $5! But, if you get that, you will be beaten by your shipment when it's delivered. Guy Maddin, classic action, documentaries, you name it! My wallet is screaming in pain.

To navigate the ginormous sale -- get to the 40% off sale page here. Click on your sale category. Then, make sure to click on the text that says: "See all 40% Off or More Action and Adventure in Bestselling order" to get the whole list for that genre. Happy Shopping!
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