Seems like we bloggers spend about half our time blogging about blogging. Whether it's stories about how blogging is bad for your health (so that's my excuse!), or about how bloggers are replacing newspaper film critics, writers love to write about writers. So the logline for Bobism, a film whose screenplay Variety says MGM has just purchased, made me laugh -- I'm sorry, made me LOL:

"A shy collegian learns that life 1,000 years in the future will be based on his blog."

Ha! That's awesome. And really, it's only fair. Hollywood makes lots of movies about out-of-nowhere athletes who become superstars, thus fulfilling the fantasies of legions of armchair-quarterback viewers who dream about the same thing happening to them. They make plenty of romantic comedies where women live fabulous lifestyles (usually working at a magazine) and wind up wearing the perfect wedding dress as they marry the perfect guy, thus fulfilling the fantasies of millions of female viewers. So it's about time they make a wish-fulfillment movie for us bloggers, where we get to indulge our daydreams of being really, really important!
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