Quentin Tarantino loves to talk. In Pulp Fiction, he wrote one of the movie's breathlessly furious monologues for himself ("Do you see a sign..."). He's been known to deliver talks at universities and special screenings where he fields questions at a characteristically frenetic pace; it's almost like his crazed love of cinema is fueled as much by a constant supply of caffeine as it is by his authentic passion for the art form.

Today's Variety announces that Tarantino will deliver the highly vetted cinema masterclass lecture at the Cannes Film Festival next month, which certainly gives him a major audience on which to unleash his ideas. Filling a slot taken last year by Martin Scorsese, it's easy to imagine that Tarantino will touch on his wide variety of international influences, his ability to become an iconic filmmaker with only a handful of films, and the changing climate of the independent film scene.

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