Oh, grumble. One of my favorite movies of last year, Marjane Sartrapi's Persepolis, is being released in an English-language version. Alright, I know, I know. Probably releasing an English-language version will ensure this excellent film is seen by many people who would otherwise be turned off by the need to read subtitles. I get that, really I do. But still, a part of me cringes at the notion that a dubbed version of the film is coming out. I hate dubs, even of anime films (case in point: the charming Kiki's Delivery Service, which I absolutely loved in the original Japanese version, wasn't nearly as delightful in the English-dubbed version with Kirsten Dunst and Phil Hartman).

When I'm checking out a foreign film, I always go for the subtitled version over the dubbed. There's something about hearing the dialog in the orginal language that just makes it feel so much more authentic to me. Of course, when I'm reading the book version, such as with The Complete Persepolis, I need the English version, because I don't read French well (but I'd love to have a copy that has the words in French with an English translation!). For a movie, though, I'd much rather read the subtitles and hear the original language.

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