The insanely funny folks over at Funny or Die are at it again. While I'm not sure anything could be better than Jerry O'Connell's spoof of Tom Cruise, this new clip has it's own brand of funny. It's Heroes star Hayden Panettiere talking about sexual harassment. It's not the sort of thing that employs lots of comedic technique, but the young actress plays it seriously -- and it works. So much so, in fact, that it has helped remove some of my Claire aggression.

It leads me to wonder if the key to Hayden goodness is just the right director? This puppy was helmed by Mr. Judd Apatow himself, so it's not terribly surprising that this clip is worth the time. Although, considering the name of the site, Hayden's Claire could fight off any death if it wasn't! Check the clip out for yourself and sound off below.
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