Here's a little something to take with you into the weekend: While on Howard Stern recently, Jason Reitman spilled a few beans on the upcoming horror/comedy he's producing called Jennifer's Body. Now, one would expect that with a film called Jennifer's Body, at some point we'd actually get to see, well, Jennifer's body. Good news everyone (if everyone included horny males between the ages of, say, 13 and 84) -- Reitman says Jennifer (played by Transformers hottie Megan Fox) will be going topless for a scene in the film; one that calls for her character to lure an unsuspecting teen male into the woods.

Unfortunately, you guys -- and some girls, I imagine -- won't be able to see her two friends because her hair will be covering those areas. As the Diablo Cody-penned script probably reads, "Totally unfair, square chair!" Starring Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, J.K. Simmons and Johnny Simmons, Jennifer's Body centers on a possessed cheerleader (Fox) who specializes in killing her male classmates (specifically, those who follow her naked body into the woods). As things spiral out of control, her best friend Needy (Really? Needy?) steps up to try to save the day.

Jennifer's Body arrives in theaters next year.

[via Shock]
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