Sorting through all the email we received today, our friends over at XFilesNews turned us on to three brand new images from the untitled X-Files movie hitting theaters this summer. No, it's not a direct sequel to the film that came out 10 years ago -- apparently, this one is a stand alone story that -- knowing Mulder and Scully -- has to do with something weird, creepy and other-worldly. See, folks have been keeping a real tight lid on the storyline for this flick, and it seems all we get are images of people on ice, digging, screaming, running -- what have you. BUT, these new photos might reveal a little more. Either that, or someone is trying to have a little fun with us.

(We're about to take a closer look at one of these images, so spoilers might follow ...)

Okay, so see this image above of Mulder (David Duchovny) standing up, looking at something, someone with a bunch of papers and crap hung up behind him. Well, click on the photo in the gallery below to see a larger version. NOW look at the title of the newspaper article in the background. What does it say? "FBI Arrests Modern Day Frankenstein Doctor." Could this new film have something to do with ... Frankenstein!!! Dun Dun Dun. I'm not as up on my X-Files knowledge as some of you are, so discuss away ...

The X-Files arrives in theaters on July 25.

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