To go along with their recent announcement, Disney/Pixar have released a bunch of promo images for all of their upcoming projects, including WALL-E (June 27, 2008), Bolt (November 26, 2008), Up (May 29, 2008), The Princess and the Frog (Christmas 2009), Toy Story 3 (June 18, 2010), Rapunzel (Christmas 2010), Newt (Summer 2011), The Bear and the Bow (Christmas 2011), Cars 2 (Summer 2012) and King of the Elves (Christmas 2012). In between all of these new releases, Disney/Pixar will re-release Toy Story (October 2, 2009) and Toy Story 2 (February 12, 2010) in 3-D.

For more on this announcement, as well as additional information on each of these films (casts, plots, directors, etc), check out our original post over here. To take a look at all these images, head to the gallery featured below.

Which film are you anticipating the most? Should they even make a sequel to Cars? Talk amongst yourselves ...

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