Hey, remember when everyone got excited upon hearing that renowned novelist Michael Chabon had been tapped to write the screenplay for Spider-Man 2? The excitement was short-lived, because while Chabon got a "screen story" credit on the film, the actual script turned out to be the work of Alvin Sargent, who would also go on to pen the unjustly maligned third movie. Now McSweeny's has made Chabon's original stab at the screenplay available for download. (Grab the PDF here.) According to the site, it will only be available for a limited time, so if you want to read it, go get it now.

A lot of Chabon's screenplay is funnier, wittier, and more elegant than the version that made it to the screen. There's an arrest reward subplot that's pure genius. Making Otto an actual, creepy supervillain with a lustful eye for MJ rather than a misunderstood genius works well. But there are also miscalculations that Sargent thankfully ironed out: an angry confrontation with Aunt May on page 65 feels completely out of character, and Harry Osborn's dialogue is a tad too erudite for the way he was introduced in the first film. If you're a fan of the franchise, give it a read. It's certainly interesting, if not quite as neat as reading David Mamet's unproduced draft of Hannibal.

[hat tip: AICN]
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