No, Hick is not the title of Oliver Stone's George W. Bush movie. (ZING!) Rather, it was a novel released last year to wide critical acclaim, about a 13-year-old Nebraska girl named Luli who hitches a ride to Las Vegas and encounters all manner of emotional, physical, and sexual danger. The coming-of-age story, written by first-time novelist Andrea Portes, was named one of the best adult novels for high school students by the School Library Journal.

And now it'll be a movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers Steven Siebert and Christian Taylor have optioned the novel, with Portes herself in talks to write the screenplay. The producers have worked on a few indie projects in the past (nothing huge), and Hick, with its gritty, potentially salacious subject matter, sounds like it will never be a "mainstream" film.

THR says the producers hope to make Luli a character along the lines of Addie in Paper Moon or Iris in Taxi Driver -- i.e., precocious and grown-up too fast. I imagine the trick will be finding a young actress who can pull it off. Ten-year-old Tatum O'Neal won an Oscar for Paper Moon, and Jodie Foster's Oscar-nominated performance in Taxi Driver is legendary. Who can fill that kind of shoes? I would suggest Dakota Fanning if she hadn't already done something like this in the 2007 Sundance howler Hounddog. So who's left? Abigail Breslin? A total unknown? Those producers have got their work cut out for them.
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