Surfing around yesterday, I kept seeing the words "New Street Fighter production blog!!" all over the place. So, this morning, I woke up, took a shower, scheduled a dentist appointment and made my way over to this new production blog for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Now this guy Aaron Horwitz is providing the updates, and three sentences into his little b-ball shtick I wanted to slap him upside the head. Why does he have to write as if he's speaking to a group of 12-year-old males with plastic Nunchucks in their hands? Seriously dude. Lay off the cool, MTV-style hip hop flava-talk for a second and tell us about the film.

Anyway, in case you're interested in what this production blog will bring you, I'll let your new pal Aaron tell ya: "Basically, about once a week I'll be flyin' at ya with exclusive scoops, stories, cast & crew interviews, artwork, set photos, and a ton of other Street Fighter kickbacks that you'll find nowhere else on the planet. Maybe even some sweet video footage." Aaron then gives a quick rundown of the "uber-cool" cast, and a mini re-cap of week one before goin' "all American Idol on our asses" and teasing a never-before-announced cast member in the role of GEN. Oh no he didn't! Yes, he did. There's also a little wicked storyboardin' action at the end there. Boo-ya!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is due out in 2009.
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