I have never been all that keen to read Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance, Twilight. That is probably because I'm just a little out of the prescribed age range, plus, I'll always be an Anne Rice girl at heart. So like a lot of other people, I'll just catch the movie. Back in February, Monika brought us the first photo from the film set, and now ET Online has behind-the-scene video and interviews with cast members Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Nikki Reed.

In Twilight, Stewart stars as Bella, a young girl who moves to a dreary, rainy town and finds herself drawn to her mysterious (and plasma-challenged) classmate, Edward (Pattinson). The two begin to fall in love, and if all those years devouring anything remotely 'vampy' have taught me anything, it's that there probably won't be a happy ending for these two. When a coven of vampires that doesn't follow Edward's example of eating only wildlife comes through town, Edward and his 'family' band together to protect Bella.

Twilight has been filming on location in Portland, Oregon since February, and the production is scheduled to finish shooting later this month. Fans have had mixed reactions to the film (mainly over casting), but Summit is hoping that they can get enough of them into theaters for at least two more installments of the series. Twilight is scheduled to arrive in theaters on December 12th. Twilight fans, sound off with your thoughts on the casting, and what you hope to see them do with the film.

[via I Watch Stuff]