My affection for the fantastic Spanish horror flick [REC] has been well-documented at this very website (and elsewhere), but now it's time to throw a little spotlight towards (you guessed it) the remake. I refuse to allow my enthusiasm for the first movie to foster an unkind perspective towards the remake, but basically ... if Quarantine is only half as good as [REC], then it's already twice as good as most studio-sponsored horror flicks.

Second studio flick from newcomer John Dowdle (his The Poughkeepsie Tapes is complete, but currently stuck on a shelf at MGM right now), Quarantine is about the horrors that go down when a news crew, some rescue workers and a bunch of clueless tenants are locked inside of an apartment building. (I'm not spoiling a thing, but let's say things get zombiefied.) The directors of the original flick had a lot of fun playing games with the "found footage" approach, and I'm hoping the American version will been able to capture some of [REC]'s choppy charm.

Quarantine doesn't arrive until October, but you can check out the brand-new teaser trailer over at You won't see much of the cast in the teaser clip, but trust me when I say the movie features Jennifer Carpenter, Johnathon Schaech, Greg Germann and Jay Hernandez. (And here's a photo gallery!) Regarding the new promo clip, I'd say this: Those who've seen the original film will find little here that's new -- nor will they find anything to get all irritated about, either. And that's a good thing.
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