I think I've got Nickelodeon shows on the brain. First, I notice that both Ryan Reynolds and Chris Martin are in Chaos Theory, years after they got their starts on Nick's Fifteen. Now, I can't stop thinking of that damned show Hey Dude. Variety reports that Disney has made a preemptive purchase and heading to the ranch, picking up a comedy pitch called Family Dude.

Unlike Hey Dude, which is about a bunch of kids who work at a dude ranch, this project has more of a family spin. The script will be written by Steven Gary Banks and Claudia Grazioso, who created the characters for the Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House remake, Are We Done Yet?, and will focus on "an uptight, successful finance exec who convinces his neighbor -- a single mother of three kids -- to join him on a dude ranch in Montana and pretend they are his family so he can close a big business deal."

I guess it's some sort of ranching business deal, because it's not every day that you need to create a fake family and move to Montana to do business. I would also bet on some sort of romance, or reality slowly permeating into their fake ranching experience. Will it be worth the trip? Only time will tell.
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