Regular readers of online film criticism might know the name D.K. Holm (that's him in the drawing). A Portland native, he's written a handful of books about people like R. Crumb and Quentin Tarantino, and he's a regular contributor to Kevin Smith's Quick Stop Entertainment site (writing a column called "Nocturnal Admissions," tee-hee). D.K. -- or Doug, as his friends call him -- is also the film critic at the Vancouver Voice, an alternative newsmonthly in Vancouver, Wash., just across the river from Portland.

The bad news is that Doug has esophageal cancer. It is treatable, but -- and here's the worse news -- like one-sixth all Americans and most freelance writers, he doesn't have health insurance. He's looking at thousands of dollars in chemotherapy and surgery. It's every uninsured person's worst nightmare.
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