If you're at all looking forward to Speed Racer, or if you're skeptical about it, you owe it to yourself to check out the new international trailer that Warner Bros. has posted on the film's official website. It's the best glimpse at the film we've gotten to date, which is not to say it gives a lot away -- it simply gives a more lucid look at Speed Racer's feel and aesthetic, over two minutes long and not obfuscated by a barrage of quick cuts. We do get to see a wider array of supporting players, in case some people consider that a spoiler.

The most exciting thing, for me, is that the juice doesn't seem to all be in the ad campaign: the more I see of the Wachowskis' new creation, the more genuinely unique it looks. In terms of the trailer mechanics, this one is about as conventional and un-flashy as it gets, and it still veritably explodes off the screen. Better yet, the dialogue sounds simple, corny, and right on the money. Despite the embittered Wachowski naysayers, I think Speed Racer is going to be a phenomenon, and maybe, when the dust settles, the most influential film of 2008. I mean look at it -- just look at it. Absolutely breathtaking.

[hat tip: David Poland]
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