We already know that Kristen Bell is going to have some unconventional suitors in the new romcom When in Rome -- Jon Heder signed onto the cast back in March to play a smitten street magician. But in all the names that I could imagine being added next, there's one that definitely didn't cross my mind. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the next eligible bachelor to get his shot at nabbing the young, sleuthing, electric, heart-breaking Bell: Danny DeVito.

As we already know, Bell will play a "love-starved New York Curator" who takes a trip to Rome and steals coins from a fountain of love to try and get her chance at romance. When she gets home, she discovers that it actually worked -- a number of men try to woo her. But another bit of the puzzle has now been added by THR, that explains the whole thing -- the coins she steals were tossed there by the men who end up pursuing her.

The question that remains: will these men just try to catch her gaze when she walks on by, or will we see a nice, romantic sit-down dinner with Danny and Kristen? And an end-of-the-night kiss? It could be interesting, to say the least. The film, which also boasts the likes of Will Arnett, Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Huston, and Dax Shepard, begins filming this month in New York City.
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