If he wasn't already damned by writing a Paul Walker dog movie, filmmaker David DiGilio sure is now. According to Variety, the writer of Eight Below has just signed a deal with DreamWorks to bring the graphic novel The Damned to the big screen. Mr. DiGilio will be making his directorial debut on the flick, which is about "a Los Angeles detective who discovers that a new gang with ties to the supernatural has infiltrated the city." Yep, it's a horror noir.

A little more digging (over at Oni Press) reveals a bit more of a plot synopsis: "Caught in the middle of a sinister web of murder, kidnapping, betrayal, and damnation, Eddie -- cursed and unable to rest -- can't escape the city's most ruthless warring demon gangs. This action-packed prohibition-era thriller combines the supernatural sensibilities of Joss Whedon with the stark reality of Miller's Crossing and The Godfather." Sounds all fine and good, but I'd have argue about the "reality" found in Miller's Crossing. It's my all-time favorite gangster movie, but realism ain't exactly what it was going for.

So congrats to Damned creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt on the big Hollywood sale. We'll all keep our fingers crossed on the movie version.
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