Movies for the younger set are all the news today -- and frankly, this one is more along the lines of what I would have expected Zack Snyder to adapt. Variety reports that Fox Animation has optioned the rights to Bruce Zick's The Anubius Tapesty, and plans to produce a loose (uh oh) adaptation of the novel.

This news hits me with a small bit of nostalgia -- not because I read this book (it came out on 2006) but because it is the sort of book I would have snapped up as a kid. I read everything that had the slightest whiff of ancient Egypt about it. They usually disappointed me, but I just kept on checking out anything with a mummy or sphinx on it. Hopefully, "loose adaptation" still means a good one, and there's going to be a fun film for all the kids out there who do the same thing. (I know you exist, because I was constantly recommending the good ones to you during my Barnes and Noble stint.)
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