Jay Singh directed us to an article from the Gazette and Herald, which had a small set report from The Wolfman.
The photos aren't terribly revealing, but it's kind of nice to see Benicio Del Toro in Victorian costume, and not torn or bleeding or in full wolf mode. And we were also provided with the first glimpse of Hugo Weaving (included after the jump).

They're currently filming in the English village of Lacock, where the Tithe Barn had been transformed into a rather gruesome set "where huge blocks of ice and models of dead bodies [were] strewn across the floor and hanging by metal hooks." The article also mentions the "doomed Lacock Post Office" but it isn't clear what has condemned the poor place. Lacock has been a pretty popular location for films -- Harry Potter, The Other Boleyn Girl and Pride and Prejudice have all been filmed there. Check out the National Trust page if you're keen on tracing the location once filming is over. I bet the Abbey makes it in! We'll see when The Wolfman opens April 3rd, 2009. (Delayed? Nooooo!)

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