It was 1987. All Keith wanted was Amanda Jones -- the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who caught the eye of rich jerk Hardy Jenns and became one of the popular girls. It didn't matter that he had the super-cool Watts pining for him, nor that he'd saved all of his money for college. He stood up to Jenns and took Amanda out on one of the most memorable dates to ever hit the big screen -- super cool, yet super tacky when you think of that whole "you're wearing my future" bit. All he wanted was love and art school, no matter what his dad said about it.

Twenty years later, things haven't changed. Variety reports that Kopelson Entertainment has picked up a spec by Barry Schwartz called Parents Weekend. The project is "a youth-targeted comedy about a college freshman, secretly attending art school, who must convince his parents he's still enrolled in the college of their dreams." I guess this dude didn't have the nerve that Keith had to stand up to mom and dad. Still, I'm always amused by plots or real-life stories where people create elaborate ruses to save their asses. Doesn't it get confusing and tired really quickly?

Arnold Kopelson said of the script: "All of us at the company were laughing out loud reading it, while at the same time drawn into a story with a lot of heart that both college kids and their parents can appreciate." That sounds promising. The next step would be casting, so what college-aged actor would you pick?
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