Years ago when I first read about 1974's Barn of the Naked Dead I thought "this is the greatest title ever conceived anywhere by anyone in the history of cinema and I must see it," so I was a bit disappointed when I eventually tracked down a VHS copy and found that it was then traveling under the name Nightmare Circus (which in fact was the original release title). This new DVD version from Legend House restores the salacious but sadly inaccurate (only the briefest of nudity here) title by which the flick is best known.

Three showgirls on their way to a job in Vegas break down in the desert. As this is an exploitation horror film, one need not be a rocket scientist to deduce that the nice young man named Andre who stops to help isn't very nice at all. Andre is played by Andrew Prine and despite his numerous film and TV credits, I remember him best as the villain in the unsuccessful Wonder Woman pilot movie from 1974 that featured Cathy Lee Crosby as the amazon princess. Andre has issues with women stemming from his mother's desertion. He deals with this by collecting women and chaining them up in his barn (no naked dead folks, but we do get a barn), and trains them to perform like circus animals. Picture Norman Bates with a flare for the theatrical.
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