I was first introduced to Lars von Trier through the horror and thrills of The Kingdom (Riget). I had never even heard of Lars before, but for some reason, I let myself be talked into buying the DVD -- at full, foreign import price -- and it was worth it. I was quickly engulfed in the strange world and hungered for more chills, von Trier style. Unfortunately, I've had to wait a good decade. Now, through the haze of depression, and reports that trickled out all the way back in September of 2006, Variety tells us that the English-language Antichrist is still on, Lars is still shooting it, and it will launch production in Germany this summer. Yes, that means von Trier is traveling to Germany -- a big step for the filmmaker.

Early reports were tight-lipped on the plot, but now there's a few nibbles. The film will focus on "a couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods to recover from the death of their child." Cabin in the woods, ooo, cabin in the woods, yeah. Oh, there's nothing like a cabin in the woods. But that's not all that's being said about it. Talking to the Telegraph back in February, the filmmaker said that it's a "psychological thriller that evolves into a horror film."

If this can even tap into some of the essence of The Kingdom, this should become one sweet cinematic journey. Thoughts?
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