Thanks to the wonderful Whit Stillman, we've gotten lots of elite Manhattanites in the eighties. Younger folks have acted like 40-year-olds in Metropolitan, and young yuppies have pulled the last little bits of dancing wonder from The Last Days of Disco. But now the whole rich eighties scene is switching coasts and coming from the hands of Mike White.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Scott Rudin and Miramax are bringing Sean Wilsey's high-society memoir called Oh the Glory of it All to the big screen, with Mike White signed on to produce and adapt it. Glory focuses on Wilsey's strange youth in San Francisco during the 1980s, tracking "his journey from dubious role models to a tour of boarding schools and an Italian 'therapeutic community.'" His father was a strict and distant man who drove Wilsey to rebellion, a man who divorced Wilsey's mother to marry her best friend. His mother, meanwhile, was the belle of the social scene, a woman who entertained everyone from movie stars to Black Panthers and inspired a character in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. But she also proved to be devoid of certain motherly traits, like, say, keeping her son safe -- she attempted to convince him to commit suicide with her.

Obviously, this is retro dysfunction at its finest, one that could make for a very funny movie in the hands of White, as long as there are actors to pull it off well. So, who would you cast?
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