Wait a sec, strike that -- this is actually real. Surfing the net today, I came across a page housing several commercials starring some of your favorite celebs. Oh yes, when their summer home in Tuscany needs a new kitchen or bathroom, odds are you'll spot a high profile celeb or two appearing in a random ad for, say, cosmetics or faster internet or ... whatever it is Nicolas Cage is singing about in the video above.

I'm not sure what he's selling here -- from what I understand, there are several Japanese companies named Sankyo; ranging from pharmaceuticals (Sankyo Pharma) to flutes (Sankyo Flute Company). It would be odd if Cage was selling flutes and playing a piano in the commercial, but I wouldn't put anything past them nutty Japanese. Check out a ton more commercials over here, and let us know if you have a favorite foreign commercial starring a popular American actor or actress. (Personally, this one will always be my favorite!!!)

[via IMDb]