When I was a kid, babysitting meant babysitting -- there were screaming kids, long nights in front of the television, and little pay. Kids today though, they're getting crafty in David Ross' new film, The Babysitters. IGN now has a red band trailer that you can check out, where John Leguizamo helps to corrupt a young woman, turning her into an entrepreneurial, teenage Heidi Fleiss.

Shirley (Katherine Waterston) is a high school senior who comes from a good home (Denis O'Hare plays her dad), and is trying to save money for college. She also happens to have a crush on the dad of some kids she babysits. One night, some of her lusty dreams come true, and she gets to kiss Michael (Leguizamo) -- who happens to be married to Cynthia Nixon's Gail. He gives her a huge tip, and soon, his friend's want similar services and Shirley becomes a madam for all of her sexy, young friends.

Smart as she may be, heading to college and all, Shirley doesn't seem to realize all the dangers of teenage prostitution. One girl wants out, tensions escalate, and you can imagine the sort of thing that's destined to happen. The trailer lays it all out with a lot of quick transitions -- kisses lead way to money, business, secrets let loose, and fear-fueled anger. It doesn't look like the best movie out there, but I imagine it should make for an entertaining moviegoing experience ... especially when the hottie babysitter is back at home watching your kids. The film will be released next month on May 9.